Nylon Flocked swab




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Nylon Flocked Swab + 10 ml Tube + 3 ml Media

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Flocked Swabs Proven Superior in Sample Uptake and Release

  1. The Flocked Swab comprises of a solid plastic applicator, which can be molded into various anatomical shapes, ensuring patient comfort without compromising the quality of the device.
  2. Glue is applied to the applicator tip and then tens of thousands of short nylon strands are sprayed (or flocked) onto the tip. The perpendicular fibers absorb liquid samples by the capillary action created by the surface tension between the nylon strands.
  3. Unlike traditional fiber swabs, Flocked Swabs have no inside core to entrap the sample. Copan’s Flocked Swab technology yields a sample volume uptake that far exceeds traditional fiber swabs and is at least three times greater than open cell foam swabs
  4. once in contact with preservation media, culture plate, microscope slide or assay cartridge, almost all of the collected sample rapidly and spontaneously drains or rinses from the Flocked Swab